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Catholic Life in the Newman Catholic Collegiate

Mission Statement


Is a partnership of nine Catholic academies in North Staffordshire, part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, under the patronage of St John Henry Newman.

Our priority is to help students to know Jesus Christ, his mission and his Gospel, which forms our way of living.

We commit to work together so that each academy, respecting its own unique character, will offer outstanding Catholic education.

Our shared vision of life respects the uniqueness of all students, supporting their families, engaging them in their communities, and offering them unconditional love, so that they may achieve their potential and live life in its fullness.

To achieve this, across our academies, we will know one another, offering each other encouragement and active support.

Our vision for the Collegiate is summed up in the words


The Archdiocese of Birmingham

The Archdiocese of Birmingham serves a Catholic population of around 450,000 through a network of 217 parishes and extends from Stoke in the North to the Thames in the South. The Newman Catholic Collegiate is proud to be part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Below you can find more information about the BDES and their work.

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Commitment to the Archdiocesan Family

As a family of schools within the Archdiocesan family, we live by the Gospel values in a spirit of true collaboration. We learn from and with each other in a shared commitment to providing the highest quality and standards of Catholic formation and education. Each school is supported and is an active contributor within the multi academy family while retaining its own ethos and identity to meet the needs of the broad diversity of children and communities served, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Being part of the Archdiocesan family means we believe in being a flourishing MAC with flourishing schools part of a flourishing Diocese. We are firmly committed to the Diocesan Vision and Multi Academy Strategy. Details of the current vision and strategy can be seen below.

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General Information

There are over two thousand Catholic schools in England and almost ninety Catholic schools in Wales. The Catholic Church is the largest provider of secondary education and the second largest provider of primary education in the country.

Pupils at Catholic schools are educated in a culture of inclusion, tolerance and mutual respect, providing pupils with a collection of values that enable them to play a full part in British society in service of the common good.

Catholic schools serve more diverse and disadvantaged communities reflecting the multicultural nature of Catholics in England, many of whom come from the new and old migrant communities. Almost 19% of pupils at Catholic primary schools live in the most deprived areas compared with 13.5% nationally. 16.5% of pupils at Catholic secondary schools live in the most deprived areas compared with 11.3% nationally.

On average, Catholic schools have catchment areas ten times larger than community schools. This means their pupil population sometimes does not directly mirror the local community immediately surrounding the school. A larger catchment area increases social mixing and children from different communities and areas are brought together. 40% of pupils in Catholic primary schools are from ethnic minority backgrounds compared with 32% nationally.*

(*statistics from Catholic Education Service)