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St John’s the Evangelist Catholic Academy

Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent, ST7 1EL. Tel: 01782 367267

 Our academy places the teachings of Jesus Christ at the centre of everything we do and learn. The children are St. John the Evangelist are wonderful role models in our society and each and every one of them grow and enjoy a wide range of learning experiences, which help them to develop into independent and responsible followers of Jesus, ready for the next stage of their journey. Pupils are given many opportunities to serve each other in school through the work of the school council, playground leaders, Mini Vinnie’s, altar servers, hall monitors, sports monitors and house captains. Pupils see it as their Christian responsibility to support one another in both work and play and take this responsibility seriously, understanding it forms part of their service to God and others.


Our academy is a happy place where everyone learns. Our children thrive through the broad and balance curriculum and the extra-curricular clubs on offer. We shape our curriculum to ensure it is ambitious and fully inclusive of every child and that it addresses each aspect of how a child develops, progresses and grows academically, emotionally and within their faith. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school in its broadest sense. This ensures that we all continually learn to support one another whilst having compassion and empathy for those who may have different needs to our own.  We believe that every child is a unique gift of God and each and every one is granted unique God-given talents. Whether these talents are many or few, our aim is to help your child develop them to the full. We aim to foster a shared responsibility between home, school and parish for the full development of each child in a secure and happy environment. We fully believe that when families and schoolwork together we are strengthened in ensuring that all pupils reach their full potential.


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